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About Jules

I got into photography because of my mother Pauline; She was not a photographer herself. She was a feisty Irish Austrian woman with a wicked sense of humor and a big heart. She sadly passed away when I was about three years old and left behind 4 loving kids and a loving husband. When you are 3 years old you cant remember anything about anything and this is certainly true of my memories of my mother. I do however have pictures of her; one in particular is on my vanity mirror. She looks at me everyday and she is always smiling. It's because of captured moments like that I picked up a camera. A great photographer can freeze you in a moment of time that can be saved for you and the next generation to come. While I never knew her she is there frozen in that moment and I get to see her grace and her smile and that honestly means the world to me. It is that core belief that is at the center of all my photography endeavors. As a photographer I am an artist specializing in event and portrait photography.  As an artist and photographer, I am dedicated to capturing your moments in a way that draws you and yours into the scene as it unfolds. I specialize in the documentary style of photography that captures the real moments of your day. I am a locally trained photographer with a worldwide reputation in my field. My experience includes working with the Mobile Alabama group for Mardi Gras, international work in Ireland; various Atlanta based film studios, individual portrait clients, weddings and local charity events throughout Georgia. I look forward to hearing from you soon. - Jules

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